Barry, Michael

Easygoing regularfoot pro surfer from south Queensland, Australia; world-ranked #14 in 1993 and 1996, but better known as a globe-trotting and perpetually tubed free-surfer. Barry was born (1969) in Sydney, moved to Queensland's Gold Coast as a child, began surfing at 13, and traveled extensively through Indonesia as a teenager. He won Australia's prestigious Pro Junior contest in 1989, and had two world tour victories: the 1993 Miyazaki Pro, in Japan, and the 1996 Billabong Pro, at Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.

Australian surf journalist Derek Rielly described 5' 7", 145-pound Barry as a "fiercely determined little creature, eyes almost popping from the sockets as he powers through cutbacks and reentries," but he was celebrated as a purebred tuberider, and images of Barry racing smoothly through exotic and perfectly shaped barrels were the highlight of many early and mid-'90s surf videos, including Bunyip Dreaming (1991), The Green Iguana (1992), and Sik Joy (1994).

In the late '90s, as Barry approached his 30th birthday, Barry seemed more deterimined that most to hold on to adolescence. Asked by a surf magazine to name other interests besides riding waves, he thought for a moment, then said, "Water skiing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and go-karts. And barbecue. And art, I guess."