Boarding House: North Shore

This WB network reality miniseries was filmed in the winter of 2002 and first aired in June and July of 2003. Seven pro surfers were brought together in a plush beach house on the North Shore of Oahu during the last few weeks of the world tour, and virtually all events in and around the house were filmed: the banter, the arguments, the workouts, the nightclubbing, the surf contest victories and defeats.

Boarding House Cast members included former world champion Sunny Garcia, defending Triple Crown champion Myles Padaca, pretty-boy Pipeline charger Danny Fuller, Roxy model Veronica Kay (the hands-down viewer-favorite cast member), Teen Choice Award winner Holly Beck, and world title contenders Chelsea Georgeson and Damien Hobgood.

The Boarding House surf action was largely perfunctory. In most of the hour-long episodes, much of the fun came in watching the perpetually angry Garcia get abusive (physically, in some cases) with anyone who crossed his path—prompting a reviewer for the Salt Lake City Weekly to call the 33-year-old pro a "raging drama-queen surf geezer."

Boarding House aired during the same period as MTV's Surf Girls, another reality series; Boarding House debuted to better-than-average ratings, but the numbers dropped off quickly as the program played out over the remaining five episodes. Still, when a 2003 poll asked viewers to select from a list of shows "you cannot live without during the summer," Boarding House finished third, behind The Amazing Race and Big Brother but ahead of The Osbournes, Monk, and Sex and the City.