Buchan, Adrian "Ace"

Fresh-faced Aussie goofyfoot pro surfer from Central Coast, New South Wales; called “one of the tour’s most astute thinkers” by Surfing magazine; world-ranked #6 in 2008.

Buchan was born (1982) in Avoca, the son of South African immigrants, was taught to ride waves by his father at age 4, and was competing regularly by age ten. He had a stellar amateur career, winning the World Grommet Championship twice (1997, 1999) and the Australasian Pro Junior twice (2000, 2001). Buchan turned pro in 2001, qualified for the World Championship Tour at the end of 2005, missed most of his rookie year with an ankle injury, then climbed the rankings, finishing as high as sixth in 2008, and seventh in 2010.

Not an especially innovative or explosive surfer, Buchan nonetheless made an impression as smooth, fast and stylish, with a masterful touch in the tube.

In 2013, in overhead Teahupoo barrels, for his second big league victory, Buchan knocked out Jordy Smith, John John Florence, and Mick Fanning, on his way to a rousing finals win over Kelly Slater. Buchan's first win, at the 2008 Quiksilver Pro France, was also against Slater.

Meanwhile, Buchan—the soft-voiced son of an English teacher, and graduate of a prestigious private high school—earned a reputation as the brainiest surfer on tour: he wrote a children’s book, Macka’s Barrel Into the Dreamtime: A Journey in Magic Realism (2007), has been known to quote William Blake poetry in interviews, and his Twitter feed, along with the expected surfy bits, has thoughtful left-of-center comments on politics and current events.

DontFearMeGypsy.com, Buchan's website, was launched in 2012