California Surf Museum

Charming and modern twelve-hundred-square-foot museum, located in downtown Oceanside, California. The California Surf Museum was founded in 1986 by librarian Jane Schmauss and architect Stuart Resor, and opened in an Encinitas, California, shopping plaza. An early exhibit was Iron Men and Wooden Boards, documenting with period photographs and surfboards the contributions of surfing pioneers Duke Kahanamoku, Tom Blake, and Bob Simmons.

The museum moved to San Diego's Pacific Beach in 1988, then to Oceanside in 1991. Six years later the city of Oceanside gave the museum a free 10-year lease. In 2012, the museum had three employees, a volunteer staff, a gift shop, and a Web site; items on display are divided into six exhibits, two permanent and four temporary. Aaron Chang: Water Housings and Cameras and Hobie: Shaping a Culture were presented in 2012.

In 2011, to mark it's 25th anniversary, the  museum put on special exhibition funded in part by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. In March of that year, the museum was featured in the "California Dreamin'" episode of the popular History Channel antique-shopping reality series American Pickers.

As of 2012, staff members estimated that just over 500,000 visitors have passed through the museum doors.