Dooley, Mick

Bantamweight Australian regularfooter from Sydney; one of the country's best competitive surfers in the early and mid-'60s. Dooley began riding waves in 1957 under the guidance of Aussie surf legend Jack "Bluey" Mayes. In 1963 he was runner-up to Nat Young in Australia's first national titles, and in 1964 he won the annual Bells Beach contest, again finished runner-up in the national titles, and placed fifth in the World Surfing Championships.

Dooley was small (5' 6", 135 pounds), but quick and strong. He had an "easy-going, controlled style," as described by Surfing World magazine, but was also a "temperamental performer" who may have lost the world championship due to nerves. Dooley was briefly seen in Bruce Brown's 1962 film, Surfing Hollow Days.

At the 2007 Australian Surfing Hall of Fame banquet, Dooley won the Lifestyle award for  his "commitment to the surfing life."