Harrison, Dru

Terrier-built regularfooter from Hermosa Beach, California; winner of the 1966 Swami's Pro-Am, and runner-up in the 1969 United States Surfing Championships. Harrison began surfing at age 10 in Hermosa; as a young teen he had the quickest feet on the coast, and often embellished his noserides by kicking his right foot into the air ahead of his board or turning around and hanging heels.

Harrison's $500 win in the 1966 Swami's Pro-Am came in the predawn of surfing's professional era; later that year Rick Surfboards introduced the Dru Harrison Improviser signature model board. He also placed eighth in the 1966 World Surfing Championships, and won the juniors division of the 1967 United States Surfing Championships; two years later, in the men's division of the US Championships, he finished a close second to Corky Carroll.

Following the late-'60s introduction of the shortboard, Harrison reinvented his approach and rode in a calm feet-together "speed surfing" stance. He appeared in a small number of surf movies, including Cosmic Children (1970) and Going Surfin' (1973), and wrote a half-dozen articles for Surfer and Surfing magazines. Harrison died from alcohol-related causes in 2003, at age 52.