Hoy, Matt

Beer-loving metal-head pro surfer from Merewether, New South Wales, Australia; winner of the Pro Junior in 1991, and world-ranked #5 in 1997. Hoy was born (1971) and raised in Newcastle, and said he decided to become a full-time touring surfer in 1989, even though he had no competitive record to speak of, when fellow Australian pro Luke Egan grabbed him by the shirt collar and told him, "C'mon, Hoyo, you're going out there with me."

The regularfooted Hoy cast his lot with the tour's hard drinkers and hard rockers, and in 1991 said he was most inspired by boxer Mike Tyson, Guns n' Roses, and the Al Pacino drugs-and-Mafia movie Scarface.

Hoy won three world circuit events over the course of his pro career, and was three times ranked in the top 10. The surf press meanwhile fed on Hoy's bad-boy image. In 1992, when a Surfing magazine subscriber wrote in to protest Hoy's use of the Hitler-associated Iron Cross as a surfboard graphic, the magazine noted that Hoy was "neither a member of nor believer in the Nazi party." Two years later, Australia's Surfing Life offered Hoy $100 if he could "contain his satanic ways long enough to sit through a church service." He cheerfully declined.

Hoy appeared in more than a dozen surf videos, including Surfers of Fortune (1994) and Performers III (1999).