Lambresi, Mike

Hardworking regularfoot pro surfer from Oceanside, California; Professional Surfing Association of America (PSAA) tour champion in 1987, 1988, and 1989. Lambresi was born (1964) in Loma Linda, California, grew up in Oceanside, and was a successful pro bodyboarder in the late '70s and early '80s. He began stand-up surfing in 1982, skipped amateur competition altogether, and won in 1983 the California Stubbies Trials, a pro event.

Lambresi had a wide, stable, functional stance, and connected his moves beautifully, if safely. He joined the world tour in 1983, finished the 1984 season world-ranked #18 (named that year as the ASP's Most Improved surfer), then unexpectedly, at 21, retired from international competition to stay home with his wife and newborn daughter. "I didn't like the tour," Lambresi later said. "I hated traveling eight or nine months of the year; it was grueling. I was engaged, and kept putting off getting married because I was always on the road. Quitting was actually a pretty easy choice for me."

Lambresi dominated the PSAA circuit from 1987 and '88, and made a last-minute charge to take the title again in '89. He later worked in the Surfer magazine ad department, then as publisher for Action Sports Retailer magazine.

Lambresi appeared in a small number of surf movies and videos, including Journey to the Impact Zone (1987) and Freeze Frame (1989)