Latronic, Mike

Industrious surfer and surf-media impresario from Sunset Beach, Hawaii. Latronic was born (1964) in Yonkers, New York, and began surfing at age nine after moving with his family to Laguna Beach, California. Three years later the family moved to Oahu’s North Shore, and within five years Latronic was one of the hottest young guns at Velzyland and Sunset; in 1981, while still in high school, he earned an impressive cameo in the surf film Crystal Eyes.

The Billabong Pro, a top-rated world tour event in the mid- and late-1980s, provided Latronic with two career highlights: he placed third in the 1988 event and fourth in 1989. He also stunt-surfed for Matt Adler, the lead actor who played wavepool champion Rick Kane in the 1987 surf drama North Shore.

Latronic had meanwhile begun submitting articles to surf magazines, and would eventually have his work published in Surfer, Surfing, the Surfer’s Journal, Waves, and Tracks. Latronic himself copublished the North Shore-based surf magazine H30 from 1989 to 1996; in 1998 he became a coproducer and cohost of the cable-carried Board Stores TV, a surfing variety program; in 2001 he founded the Hawaii-based FreeSurf magazine. From 2006 to 2013 he produced the cable series Billabong Surf TV.

In 2013, Latronic won the Kahuna (over 45) division of the ISA World Championships, held in Ecuador.

Latronic appeared in more than a dozen surf movies and videos, including Totally Committed (1984), Filthy Habits (1987), and Pump! (1990).