MacKenzie, Lynette

Hot-tempered Australian pro surfer from Maroubra, Sydney, world-ranked #3 in 1994, and noted as the only female pro tour surfer ever suspended for fighting. MacKenzie was born (1974) and raised in the beachfront suburb of Maroubra, began surfing at age 10, and quickly developed a low, driving, athletic wave-riding style.

In 1992 MacKenzie won both the Australian National Titles and the amateur World Surfing Championships, and was named Junior Female Athlete of the Year by the Confederation of Australian Sport. The following year she again won the Nationals, placed third in the final standings of the Australian Championship Circuit, and finished eighth on the world pro circuit; in 1994 she won two of 11 pro tour events to finish #3 in the world, behind Lisa Andersen and Pauline Menczer.

Over the next few years MacKenzie's rating dipped as low as #15, but in 2002 the 28-year-old shot back up to #5. MacKenzie's competitive performances, however, were to a large degree overshadowed by her violent temper. After a postmatch beach fight in 1999, she was fined $1,000, suspended for two months, and ordered to take anger management classes; two years later the redheaded goofyfoot was again fined for brawling during a competition. "What gets your blood boiling?" an interviewer asked MacKenzie in 2000. "Just about anything," she replied.

MacKenzie  appeared in a small number of surf videos, including 2001's Tropical Madness. Steve "Bullet" MacKenzie, Lynette's older brother, won the Australian pro bodyboarding tour in 1996 and 1997.