Miller, Edward "Dude"

An original Waikiki beachboy, the first captain of the 1911-formed Hui Nalu Club; owner of the concession stand at the Moana Hotel, Waikiki's first major resort. Aside from being a top surfer, fisherman, and canoeist (it was his idea to take tourists into the surf on outrigger canoes), the part-Hawaiian Miller was one of the Islands' best musicians; he played piano, wrote a popular booklet on ukulele, led the Dude Miller Band at the Moana, and was invited in 1929 to perform in New York.

It was Miller who gave the name "Queens" to one of the best surf breaks in Waikiki—an easy choice, given that the wave was located in front of Queen Liliuokalani's Waikiki beach home.

The official functions of the beachboy system in Waikiki, which gave tourists a safe but exciting taste of the ocean, kept the beaches clean, and allowed the beachboys to act as casual oceanfront ambassadors—was in large part invented by the Miller-led Moana Bathhouse Gang. When Miller died in 1935, at age 49, his beachboy friends made a huge flower surfboard of white ginger and propped it up at his grave site.