Redman-Carr, Melanie

Plain-spoken pro surfer from Busselton, Western Australia; world-ranked #2 in 2001 and 2006. Redman-Carr was born (1975) and raised in Busselton, and began surfing at age 10. Raised on the punishing reef surf of the Margaret River area, the slender regularfooter (5' 7", 127 pounds) performed best when conditions got big and powerful; she was the first woman to regularly surf the notoriously shallow waves at the Box, not far from her home.

As a competitor, Redman-Carr was something of a late-bloomer; she became a full-time professional in 1993, but didn't win an event until 1999. Surfing described Redman-Carr that year as a "no-frills country girl," and she was at times critical of both world tour and her own achievements. "Sometimes I think I used to surf better when I was 17," she told the magazine. "You've got more confidence when you first start out. You haven't been beaten and put down so much."

Redman-Carr continued to place well on the world tour, finishing fourth in 1999, sixth in 2000, runner-up in 2001 (to Layne Beachley), and third in 2002. For two years, beginning in 2004, Redman-Carr fell out of the top 10, but in 2005 she finished 3rd. In a surge that prompted a Surfer headline reading "What The Hell Got Into Melanie Redman-Carr?" the 30-year-old vet won opening three events in 2006—at Duranbah, Cloudbreak, and Teahupoo—on her way to placing runner-up in the final rankings, again to Layne Beachley.

In 2009, one year after retiring as a full-time pro and having a baby, the 33-year-old Redman-Carr entered and won an event at Margaret River, her local break, beating world tour headliners Carissa Moore, Coco Ho and Sofia Mulanovich.

Redman-Carr appeared in a small number of surf videos, including Our Turn (2000) and Tropical Madness (2001).