Richardson, Terry

Easygoing vegetarian goofyfoot pro surfer from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia; winner of the 1980 Australian National Titles, and world-ranked #7 in 1982. Richardson was born (1956) and raised in Wollongong. A chronic late bloomer, he didn't begin surfing until age 15, didn't turn pro until 25, and posted his biggest win—at the 1997 Oxbow Masters, a contest for retired world tour pros—at 40.

Richardson later attributed his success in part to a wife-and-children-centered home life that placed him in what amounted to an alternative universe compared to the typical '80s pro surfer-satyr. "All I ever really wanted to do was be married and have children," he told Surfing magazine in 1987. "And I couldn't have married a better woman or have better-looking kids. Because of that, it's a lot easier to be content with my surfing."

Richardson built his own boards, and is remembered as one of the era's great tuberiders. In 2010, Surfer magazine called Richardson one of the five most underrated surfers in history. He appeared in a small number of surf movies and videos, including Free Ride (1977), We Got Surf (1981), and Wizards of the Water (1982).