Riddle, J

Good-looking, media-savvy regularfoot surfer from Santa Monica, California; a dominating presence at Malibu from the late '60s to the late '80s; cofounder in 1967 of Natural Progression Surfboards. The summer of 1970 was a high point in J Riddle's surfing life, as the 20-year-old was simultaneously on the covers of Surfer and Surfing magazines, and starred in Cosmic Children, Hal Jepsen's first and most popular surf film.

In 1972, Riddle was among the first to use a cutaway template design he called the "fangtail"—a forerunner to the winger or "bump" tail design used on nearly all shortboards made in the '80s.

Although he was the surfing stunt double for Jan-Michael Vincent in Warner Brothers' 1978 film Big Wednesday, Riddle himself later dismissed the film as "a pie in the face of surfing." Riddle appeared in a small number of other surf movies, including A Sea for Yourself (1973), Fluid Drive (1974), and Tales of the Seven Seas (1981).