Yes, output on Encyclopedia and History has slacked off a little the past few weeks. But only cause I’m thrashing away on the next (and, God willing, final) website: Above the Roar. Surf Q&A, and nothing but. Like Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, but wetter and saltier. Hundreds of surfer interviews. I’ve been gathering these gems for years, decades. Duke and Blake and Doc Ball; Midget and BK and Lopez; Andy and Kelly, right on up to Filipe, John John, and Carissa. Famous and obscure. Profound and ridiculous. Never boring, cause I edit the slow bits out.

Another thing interrupting my jackhammer flow is that I’m reconfiguring all three sites—Encyclopedia, History, Roar—so they’re linked up, synched up, jamming together in the heaviest and tightest possible way, a power trio, like Cream before Ginger Baker murdered Jack Bruce onstage in the middle of a drum solo.

If World War III doesn’t fuck my rollout, the whole retooled three-ring spectacle will launch in early May. Two weeks from today, give or take.

One last thing. It’s gonna cost you. Not much. Three bucks a month for Roar, Encyclopedia, and History, automatic re-up, like Netflix. Safe and secure—Stripe handles the transaction. One week free trial. Cancel any time with the push of a button.

So . . . three bucks for three sites. Words by the million, video clips from here to Hollywood Boulevard, endless surf pix—22K on my hard drive and counting. No ads. No ads! 

My huge personal thanks to anybody and everybody who has viewed, contributed, trolled, commented, or fact-checked Encyclopedia and History these last few years. All the back and forth is why online is the best of all mediums. And I’m only getting started. I’ve posted maybe 4% of what I’m holding, and can’t wait to get the rest out there.

A few grabs from Roar. Still making adjustments, but almost there.

  • Celya723

    Haven’t run in to a dull topic yet. Some may feel too short – but never dull, thank you!

  • reef runner

    Kinda have to agree with some of these comments about the yellow.

  • freerider

    May be a Seattle thing? But how many surfers live in Seattle? We all dream of the tropics. If your stuck on it–at least maybe pleasee try and change it to a ‘sun’ yellow–instead of ‘mustard’–maybe with some mellow ‘blue’ for the letters–to keep the ‘beach vibe’ flowing. —Peace…..

  • freerider

    Umm–first I’ve heard of roar–is it interviews or just quotes? If its anything like the EOS–it should be cool. And no Da Cat quote above–shame. But–pleasee–loose the ‘mustard’–honestly, got a headache just trying to look at it…..

    • Matt Warshaw

      Interviews, some really long ones in fact. And dammit people, the yellow stays! It cheers me up.

      • freerider

        It may cheer ‘you’ up–but it ‘doesn’t’ seem to do anything for the ‘rest of us’.—Peace….

  • Aviva Rosenthal

    I’m with John. This looks brilliant, but lose the yellow. Hard to read and, well, I just really hate yellow. A nice soothing blue-green, perhaps? Or purple. We need more purple, in general.

    • Matt Warshaw

      Purple was actually my first choice. Since the three sites (EOS, HOS, Roar) sort of need to go together as a package, yellow made sense. Also I kind of love yellow. Could be a Seattle thing.

      • Aviva Rosenthal

        It actually is a lovely shade of yellow, and certainly reminiscent of warm sand and sun, so that’s a plus. Trying to think of a way around the visual problem, though, and everything seems wrong. Black on yellow would be like danger and bees, and everything else seems too vibrant. What if you did yellow letters on a turquoise background, like little sand bars? Not obsessing over this, I swear. Just, the unused artist part of my brain jumps on these things.

        • freerider

          Aviva, sorry to disagree–but thankfully–I’ve never seen sand or sun that color–cause I’d probably of had to stop going to the beach…

  • Celya G

    I’ll tell you, I LOVE THESE INTERVIEWS, STORIES, PICTURES, FILMS, EVERYTHING about this sport that I’ve seen posted so far. My brain got sucked into the waves the first time I came home from elementry sch, flipped on the tube and saw The Endless Summer in glorious black & white in the mid 60’s. THANK YOU for keeping this passion stoked.

    • Matt Warshaw

      thank you for tuning in!

  • surferpl

    Not boring? But you said you interviewed Slater.


    I think you have it backwards. Didn’t Jack Bruce murder Ginger Baker in the middle of a drum solo?

    • Matt Warshaw

      actually, it was pre-Cream. They were in a different band, Bruce was noddling a bit on bass during the drum solo, and Baker came out from his kit, smashed Jack in the face, and boot-stomped him with intent to kill. I only know this from watching Beware Mister Baker three times.

  • John Hughes

    Can’t wait for the roll-out. First complaint- white text on yellow is really hard to read.

    • freerider

      Not only hard to read–also looks like ‘hot dog’ mustard.(sorry Matt–just being honest)…..

      • freerider