Above the Roar is up, and dammit that is the last one. For those keeping score, we’re now at three: Encyclopedia of Surfing, History of Surfing, Above the Roar. I will craft and sculpt this trio of websites till Saint Peter Ubers me up to the pearly gates, hopefully after one last good beachbreak session with my as-yet-unborn grandchildren. But I shall never again issue forth new digital spawn. Three is plenty. Three is perfect.

Above the Roar is all surfer interviews. About 45 are already loaded, and I’ve got hundreds in the bank. Everyone from Blake to Dora to Curren to Gilmore. Lots of my work, but also some choice pieces from Phil Jarratt, Derek Rielly, Drew Kampion, Nick Carroll, Sam George, Tim Baker, etc and forever. Click here to see Above the Roar, or just scroll up, there’s a tab at the top of the page.

Meanwhile, Encyclopedia of Surfing and History of Surfing are both newly rigged out. Same content, but smoother and cleaner, and you’ll notice that all three sites—EOS, HOS, Roar—are linked together 15 ways till Sunday. External links, gone. Surfer links, gone.

Bringing us to a final and crucial point. After a fantastic three-year run, Surfer and I have parted ways. I gave a lot of thought to finding another corporate backer, or backers, for the three sites, but decided against it. Encyclopedia of Surfing is now fully independent.

On the plus side: NO ADS. No banners, no pre-roll, no pop-ups, no dancing graphics. We are as ad-free, and nearly as illuminated, as a first edition Gutenberg Bible. 

On the not-plus-but-not-horrible side: Yes, that’s a paywall. Sign up and you get two free weeks, and you can one-click cancel at any time. But the deal is three bucks a month for access to all three sites. Three bucks—less than a latte. And I’ll be posting daily, to maintain the highest possible pleasure-to-dollar ratio.

A huge Thank You to anybody and everybody who has tuned in so far. Stay with me, you guys, I’ve got like another metric ton of great material to upload, this whole thing is only going to be better.

Now warm up your credit card and hit “subscribe.”

Oh yeah, and don’t forget I’m a nonprofit. It’s tax-deductible!

  • Eric Pederson

    I’ll have my lawyers read the contract, but damn you know I am kind of used to just using the little pieces of wax I find in the car park.

    Now, if it were $23.95 on sale for $2.99, I’d be all in.

    • Matt Warshaw

      Was going to have a “Friends and Family” rate: $30.00 instead of $3.00. Maybe shoulda gone for it!

  • Johnny Bee

    I’m afraid I’m a “pay online-ophobic”. I don’t even own a credit card. It’s been great reading your stuff, loved it. Good luck with your projects Matt.

    • Matt Warshaw

      Thanks Johnny. If you want to mail a check, I can set you up that way. Credit card not required, it’s just the simpliest way for me to do it. Let me know.

  • Bob Feigel

    Good to be onboard with your new enterprise Matt. It just keeps getting better and better and mo bettah. Cheers!

    • Matt Warshaw

      Thank you Bob. I seek at all times to be Fable-worthy.

  • Don Stine III

    I’m in!!

    • Matt Warshaw

      Yes you are.

  • Laird Coffman

    Just subscribed. STOKED!!!!

    • Matt Warshaw

      You are the real and original Laird. Thank you!

  • surferpl

    OK, but for my $3 I get to harp on your spelling, grammar and punctuation all I want. Agreed?

    • Matt Warshaw

      Grammer and punctuation but not speling. Deal?

      • surferpl

        (fx: mumble)

        • Matt Warshaw

          “speling” not “spelling”? Come on, I’m bringing the A stuff here.