The man knew how to have a good time. I appreciate the¬†wetsuits, but right now I’m warmed up just watching Jack enjoying himself so completely. A long, exciting, creative life. Raise your glass to Jack O’Neill.

  • DrewKamp

    That’s the coolest li’l video, Matt! Thanks for putting it together!

  • Duncan McClane

    I remember surfing in NY in the winter in a diving wetsuit. Then Oneil came out w/ a surfing wetsuit. I thought it was a gimmick at first. Thank you Jack for many hours of warm surfing

  • Aviva Rosenthal

    Oh, this is so lovely…and the song choice got me all verklempt. His is one of the purest tales of American innovation ever: the absolute personal necessity of it (how those guys used to go out in sweaters soaked in kerosene and still come in half-dead from the cold), the design boost from the Navy (because these are our tax dollars, dammit), the rags to riches, the eye patch. And above all the fact that one’s first response is: it oughtta be a movie. And it should. He was awesome.

    • Matt Warshaw

      The phrase “he grew into his face” was made for Jack O’Neill. Our very own heart-of-gold pirate.

      • Aviva Rosenthal

        He really did wear it better than anyone but Dayan. As if you needed another reason to steer clear of surfing: ‘you’ll put your eye out, kid!’