I picked 1982 as the second-worst year in surf fashion, only because of the photo you see above. The Offshore surf team; heavy-hitters one and all. Working from the left, that’s two-time Pipe Masters champ Larry Blair, US pro tour champ Mike Benavidez, North Shore legend Michael Ho, and Pipe Masters finalist Chris Barela. Profiling Offshore’s new Metalite trunks, and making the event as joyous as having VIP seats for the┬ápremier of Porky’s. Did anybody, anywhere, ever see a pair of these shiny baubles in the wild? I was friends with Chris and Mike, we all lived in South Bay, and while I usually surfed Manhattan and they usually surfed Hermosa, I would have noticed, even from a distance of a mile or more, had either one paddled out bedecked in Metalite. My guess is that, without ever bringing it up, we all chose to not speak of this.

The rest of my examples here can only, and very literally, pale in comparison.

From top to bottom: Laird Hamilton, Sunbreaker; unknown, Op; unknown, California T-Shirts; Ken Bradshaw, Sundek.


  • Celya723

    The Aloha Shirt is kitshy cool with the capri pant seams, everything else is drag queen splendour for Carnaval or Holloween parties, particularly Brazil where glossy is good!