Kickstarter Contributors

In November 2011, we optimistically launched an Encyclopedia of Surfing fundraising drive through the Kickstarter website. EOS got some much needed seed money, and donors received a thank-you gift in return. Our goal was to raise $20,000 in one month. It took just nine days, and contributions came in from around the globe. Thanks to Kickstarter for the great platform. Thanks and double-shakas to all the people and organizations listed below: the donors who made the Encyclopedia of Surfing come to life.

Legacy Founders ($1,000 or more)

  • Randy Rarick

    Contest director, boardmaker, surf historian, vintage surfboard auctioneer, and intrepid surf traveler-Rarick is one of the surfing's most diverse and respected figures. Rarick has directed the Triple Crown of Surfing since 1983, and has been a fixture in the Sunset Beach lineup since the mid-'60s.

  • Morgan Rae Berk

    Morgan Rae Berk keeps one foot grounded in Brooklyn, NY - where she combined her love of surfing and her 10+ years of international event production expertise into the foundation of the New York Surf Film Festival-and one foot everywhere else in the world she can get to from JFK airport to surf.

  • Tom Lochtefeld

    Founder and CEO of Waveloch, Inc., designer of the FlowRider and FlowBarrel standing wave machines, and the creator of San Diego's Wave House aquatic theme park. A San Diego lifer, Lochtefeld holds a law degree from the University of San Diego, and lives with his family at Windansea in La Jolla, where he continues a forty-year love affair with surfing.

  • Mimi Kalland

    Grew up on the beaches of Southern California, and did a year of college at University of Hawaii in the early-'50s, where she surfed Waikiki with a Kahanamoku or two. Raised a pair of surfing sons. A retired college professor, Mimi Kalland now lives on the Central Coast, where she grows tomatoes, drinks gin, and does Good Works of various type.

  • Spencer Croul

    Noted collector of surf memorabilia, Croul is a board member and co-founder of the Surfing Heritage Foundation. He also heads Croul Publications, a boutique publishing house specializing in surf history and culture, and sits on the board of the Croul Family foundation, a homeless outreach organization in Orange County, California.

  • Stephen Leary

    Stephen Leary grew up surfing the summertime waves of Ocean City, Maryland. Today he is the owner and founder of Congo Boards bodyboards, in Oceanside, California. Both Leary and his bodyboards can be found at surf breaks all along the east coast. He lives in Baltimore.

More Legacy Founders! ($1 to $500)

Jess Weinstein, Oliver Fitzjones, Marlin Lurn, Andy Masaki Bellows, Matias Lovro, Deniz Ozakcay, Edouard Leewenburg, Ted Malong, Tara Hopkins, Jody Mulgrew, Tim Kevan, Mikhail Ushanov, Dave Renaud, the North Shore Surf Girls Surf School, Chuck Corbett, Daisuke Nitta, Wesley Wong, Mike Eaton, Kevin Marsden, Pablo Zanocchi, Devon, Barbara Morris, Johanna Warshaw, Irene Harlow, Tony Wootton, Bob Brigham, Tom Parker, Henrique Stryjer, Jim Moriarty, Patrick Judd, Bror Prehn, Brendan Thomas, David Olan, Mark Valenta, Hank Buck, Heather Hunter, Karla Loeb, Jupiter Beach Pics, Riley and Evan Hansen, Ryan Cline, Mercer Biddle Barrows III, Jamie Brisick, Duffy Riebe, Joe Morford, Anthony Dziepak, Mark Freeman, Ben Mondy, Trent Garcia, Zach Weisberg, Christopher Jenks, Bryan Knowles, Greg Kroleski, Malcolm Johnson, Patrick Hourihan, Mike Matz, Katy White, Jim O'Roark, Blair Tom, Lucas and Dillon Diaz, Kevin Naughton, Ray Telles, Scott Surface, Joe McGovern, Kaiwen Tu, Justin Cooley, Ursula Cary, Sebastian Toomey, Bill Jenniches, Michelle Powell, Alex Zabel Lofrese, Breck Philip, Paul Piscopo, Glenn Sakamoto, Mary Barbour, Todd Volkstorf, Mick Barber, Dan Falt, James Reed, Alex Clemensha, Stefanie Phillips, John Zanussi, Andy Solomon, Rhea Cortado, Shawn Collins, Al Shaw, Stephen Dwyer, Daniel Hoffman, Ann Jordan, PacNW, Steve Patterson, Rick Drayton, Mark Lukach, Bill Kemble, Eric W. Nelson, Mady Sokolsky, Jeff, Darin Salk, Karl Skindrud, Lennart Janse, Eva Himmelberg, Fred Pabst, Margaret Donoghue, Jun Kaneko, Eduardo Stryjer, Christian Anthony, Drew Keegan, Darien Brocco, Sarah Malarkey, Pancho Filizola, Don Meek, Patti Quill, Paul Holmes, Cynthia Price, Mark Hughes, Gary Brinkley, Melvin Chua, Darin Miller, Linda Benson, August Hidalgo, Eduardo Furukawa, Shai Vera, Kris Chatterson, Kirk Owers, Ed and Janet DeLand, Jason Long, Chris Dixon, Meiko Arai, Dana McFarland, Sandra Hall, Jeff Small, Judith Strick, David La Cross, William Boyd, Gustavo Oliva, Nathan Brostrom, Pat Connor, Adam Neale, Scott Golin, Amanda Amberson, Ben Freeston, Jim Leonard, John Ray, Leroy Laurie, Don Phin, Craig and Julie Klein, Brian Grant, John Nojima, Drew Sievers, Richie Tatum, Malibu Surfing Association, John Hinkle, Charlie Cangialosi, Alastair Fettes, Rhonda Coffman, Matt Amberson, Todd Anderson, Austin Ware, Sara Orning, Espen Voll, Mitch Martinson, Mike Frank, Randy Watts, Bucky Goo, Craig Jarvis, Eduardo Alonso, Paul Richardson, Bart Ziegler, Luke Pope, Ana Krulec, Derek Westra-Luney, Robert Blau, Richard Sanchez, Dave Callanan, John Besnard, Gordon Wright, Carrie Varoquiers, Shannon Chaney, Michael Martin, Robyn and Steve Cohen, Avery Clough, Matt Dodd, Jason Monfort, Peter Dixon, Tim Nelsen, Chance Barber, Brenda McGonagle, Cori Schumacher, Terry Farell, Jamieson's Irish House and Grill, Jaime Rudiez, Brent Broza, Caitlin Pardo de Zela, Monique T. Barreras, Christopher Baker, Anthony Barbatto, Mike Teply, Claudia Sole, Helleren Gregory, Finn Hinke, Rob DeSantis, Kimberly Castner, John Service, Mark Renneker M.D., Kevin Campbell, Greg Fontana, Timothy and Cooper Anderson, Travis Gill, Antonio Portinari Leao, Scott Bernis, Patrick Horn, Tony Hawk, Kurt Allen, Paul Nuki, Scott Bass, Donna Davis, Jeremy Sterling, Tonya Bickerton Watson, Steve Hawk, Nate Beck, Surfing News Daily, Debbee and Steve Pezman.

Kickstarter Contributors